The University of Johannesburg and its partner the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) want more South African teenagers to get early exposure to engineering concepts through involvement in AfrikaBot 'the world's most affordable robotics competition'.

AfrikaBot is South Africa's first robotics competition for high school teenagers and university undergraduates who are smart enough to build their own robots from electronic parts rather than simply clipping a consumer type robot together.

If you are new to electronics or robotics we urge you not to give up - When you build your robot to enter AfrikaBot you will be learning about electronics and control systems, how to program in C and so much more...

In this website we will show you how to find free software that shows you how to program, even if you do not know how. With us you can acquire valuable programming skills without the usual hassle and hard work.

If you are serious about winning an AfrikaBot 2017 trophy we advise you start building immediately as it can take months of testing to make a winning robot.


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