We care passionately about training young South Africans in STEM skills(science, technology, engineering and applied mathematics).

We use exciting re-programmable low cost robotics, teaching analytical thinking and problem-solving skills with real-world challenges that young South Africans can see, touch and feel.

We also teach a highly relevant programme around renewable energy, with desktop-scale practical demonstrations of wind turbines and sun-tracking photo-voltaic solar energy panels being just some of the training we offer to help the next generation save the planet:


Michael Ettershank has been making electronics gadgets for more than 30 years, and has been teaching young South Africans about electronics and robotics for the past ten years after returning to SA from the USA where he worked for a software company.

In the past ten years he has made some unique discoveries about the most effective ways to teach, and has a robotics kit that young South Africans assemble entirely from parts as part of the training.

He has run successful pilot programmes in the best private schools, also at a shelter for street kids and at a community centre in Diepsloot.

Most recently, three young South African he trained were awarded their South African National Colours and represented SA at the World Robotics Olympiad in Abu Dhabi.

His passion lies in educating young people - words cannot describe the satisfaction of seeing their excitement in those "ah ha" moment when they learn something entirely new.

However, it is with great sadness that he has observed that opportunities for economically disadvantaged young South Africans remain extremely scarce.

It is quite likely that you have the same ideals as www.robotscience.co.za. Please help us establish the first school of robotics for economically disadvantaged South Africans, together we can give disadvantaged young South Africans, unemployed graduates and school leavers the opportunity to enter the workforce with real skills that employers are desperate to acquire.

Please also remember to mention our website to your peers.

Together we can build a better-educated society, the type we all want our children to inherit.

keen to learn...

Michael Ettershank
082 962 2772
info @ robotscience .co.za