OCT 2014

When we train novices, we use the single core processor P1X8 robot, which is electronically identical to the Parallax Basic Stamp 2.

The reason is that this chip comes with FREE world class software and training, and it is the easiest microcontroller in the world for a novice to learn to code.

Once our trainees have achieved proficiency in this chip, we can train them in the eight core P8X32 processor which is also known as the Parallax Propeller chip.

The P8X32 has eight processors on board, each of which is a 32 bit processor, which makes this a cutting edge microchip capable to true multiple tasking, where up to seven different functions can take place all at the same time without any worries about internal timing that can be a problem with less powerful processors where tasks have to share the processor.


1. P1X8 on veroboard

2. P1X8 robot complete

3. Get the parts from mantech.co.za

4. Wall-e robot with P1X8 processor in Meccano

5. Learn how to lay out a printed circuit board for P1X8 processor

6. Build bigger and more powerful robots

7. The Parallax ActivityBot has an 8-core processor that programs in C

8. Clear and easy to understand diagrams mean the difference between success and failure

9. Learn about how electronic parts work by building small circuits

10. Learn how to read electronic schematic diagrams

11. All our training is backed up by world class notes

12. Get off the Eskom power grid and go green

14. Get the parts to make the projects

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What can you learn with us? (advanced robotics stuff)

What can you learn with us? (the basics of electronics)

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